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Friends Only since Jan 22nd, 2004

Add me to your Lj and drop me a comment here so I know you've added me :) Always up for meeting new friends! So come on, reach out and touch someone. Or something :p

I have left a sprinkling of past entries public so that you can get a little taster of my LJ, rather than close it off totally and have people walking away coz they can't tell what I'm like.

paul - December06

When you've been running, or exercising, or whatever it is you do, and you can feel your heart beating hard in your chest....

that's life happening for real. your body working. doing everything it needs to keep you going. to feel each beat pumping hard. today it actually dawned on me how amazing that all is.

it's funny how the sun always shines harder when you are a child

"tresspassers will be shot. Survivors will be shot again"

lol, made me chuckle for quite a while ;)

Jun. 30th, 2002

1.5 billion people are expected to tune in to the World Cup Final. maybe i won't watch it, just to fuck up their stats :D

oui oui, je suis une lapin!! j'habite dans une asile, acote de la post :p n'est pas?

Apr. 18th, 2002

Dogs. they just don't cut it do they? They are noisey and loud, clumsy, smelly, thick, always mucky, always running around, wolf their food down and get it everywhere, and... well, they just don't meow do they??
If they were small, quiet, gentle, cute, clean and tidy, elegant, independant, intelligent, enjoyed snuggles and cuddles, and MEOWED, they'd be perfect :)

According to the F1 commentators here in Britain, you can tell the two Renault's apart, because Trulli has a bright neon yellow blob on his nose.

-blank stare-

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